Tier 2 project: Painted Cork Coasters


*Best for kids 4+
All projects come with a Choose Kindness t-shirt, kindness stickers, project supplies, step by step instructions, video support, curriculum, and impact exercises.

Choose Shirt Size

Your kit comes with a Choose Kind Shirt - choose one size.

Tote Bag Project

This project is specifically designed to be delivered to shelters and veterans hospitals. The kit includes a tote bag you design and a few personal care items. Recipient delivery options are available or you can drop it off at a local shelter.

Additional Project

Continue to spread kindness with an additional project. Add on a second set of supplies for the project you ordered. Continue to spread kindness with an additional project for you or a family member to complete.

Coloring Book

A variety of beautiful card designs and envelopes are included. You color the cards and send them to the recipients provided in the book or someone in your community. See photo in Kindness store. Coloring books ships separate from your box.

Add an additional Choose Kind shirt and 5 Kindness themed stickers

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