Partner Program

Kit of Kindness Partner Program

Welcome to our Kit of Kindness Partner Sales Program. At The Kindness Connection, we believe that the gift of giving is the greatest gift of all.  TKC’s Kits of Kindness are designed to teach kids compassion, empathy, and social responsibility by giving them the opportunity to create, learn, reflect, and spread kindness while creating a gift for someone who will feel joy receiving it.

Our partner sales program gives our partners the opportunity to sell Kits of Kindness to fundraise for their own organization or cause.

Partners can sell our Kits of Kindness as a fundraiser while contributing to the mission of spreading kindness and giving.

The following projects are available as part of our partner sales program

                  Stuffed Animal Project

                         Tissue Bowl Project

                    Mason Jar Vase Project

                  Mosaic Coaster Project

Kits of Kindness include a Choose Kind shirt, a kindness activity book, kindness-themed stickers and all off the project supplies and instructions to complete a kind gift.

We also have another fundraising product. Cards for Kindness is a coloring book of cards that are sent to various recipients to bring joy. You can sell this as a separate product or add-on to the Kits of Kindness.


Kits of Kindness: TKC cost – Partners pay $24 per kit (kits are recommended to be sold for $28-$32 per kit)

Cards for Kindness Coloring book – Partners pay $6 per book (books can be sold for $8-$12 per book)

How it works

Partners can choose to sell the kits and coloring books for any price within our recommended range of $28-$32 per kit or $8-$12 per coloring book. The partner keeps the proceeds from the sale, over the TKC cost. 

TKC will provide an order form (physical and online) and the group will make sales and record the purchaser’s project selection and shirt size. Partners can place orders periodically or on a set program end date. TKC will deliver all kits ordered to one location to be picked up or distributed.

TKC will provide flyers, order forms, and tracking templates. The group will accept the money and pay an invoice to TKC when orders are dropped off.